Just a small note to say thank you again for providing such an amazing experience and beautiful, BEAUTIFUL outcome!

I feel that the perfume you created is so ‘right’! It feels like a part of me. I just feel so connected to it!

Not only is it feminine, empowering and beautiful – it is testament to the level of your abilities, being able to balance the ingredients so well and create a fragrance that truly embodies someone!

I will never forget the experience and will forever treasure your gift!

Arohanui, Kyra Clarke xx

My time with Gini and Aroha at The Olfactory remains as one of those really special experiences which I hold dear and wish more people could experience.

The whole process was very personal, thoughtful, caring, surprising and fun, and produced a really special and unique outcome.

I am so happy with my perfume, and value knowing it is truly created from natural products nature has gifted us.

On a very personal note, the final result is much more than a perfume that resonates with me.

I love the perfume, it smells beautiful, others say “That is so you”, but the most treasured and unexpected surprise was how it is so much more than just a perfume. My experience is that the essences “work”at a much deeper level and this is what I really treasure.

If you are looking for a most special and personal gift, go to The Olfactory. It is a delightful and memorable experience.

Thankyou Gini and Aroha.

Arohanui, Jenney Wilson

My experience at The Olfactory…quite an enlightening process! It's  a delightful insight into an area of our senses that is taken rather for granted.

The series of initial questions are fantastic and really pull you into the world of scent. Then, once there, the girls fire amazing variants at you and the process is quite a thrill.

I was astonished at my final scent - it felt like mine - unique and exciting. To be honest it didn't last long because I just had to wear it all the time! Truly a delightful experience topped off with a superb result.

Chris Elliott

If you are a person who enjoys a beautiful fragrance, then having your own personal one is the ultimate! 

Keneti Apa

When I use my fragrance I can’t help inhaling deeply, it truly resonates with me and always uplifts my mood ... which is exactly what I hoped it would do.

Tessa Apa

My bespoke process was very uplifting and informative. I recognised qualities within myself that I wanted to magnify and support. My fragrance is beautiful and I feel all the empowerment I felt during the bespoke process every day when I spray it. Thank you, ladies! 

Gigi Barclay

Unlike any other experience, the concept of having a bespoke fragrance created just for me felt a little bit sacred. The consultation and questions posed were thought provoking and truthfully I felt somewhat vulnerable giving answers. It’s not often you are asked such deep questions of yourself by someone else. But it felt like a considered process and necessary in order to create something magical and Virginia and Aroha were extremely professional,  yet personable during this stage of the procedure.

The act of selecting ingredients was interesting and delicious all at the same time. My scent is beautiful. It definitely feels special and not an everyday type of fragrance. Although it’s unlike any perfume I’ve ever worn before, I like to think it’s a reflection of me because it has been designed and composed specifically based on my responses to some pretty telling questions.

My recommendation for The Olfactory experience is wholehearted. 

Vanessa Rehm

Thank you for my personalised scent, it is very special. I use it mostly when travelling as a treat from fatigue, and to bring balance back to myself. It gives me a feeling of comfort, to be able to use something that is uniquely for me.


Neha Belton

If  you're looking for a unique bespoke present for yourself or someone you care about, make an appointment with Virginia Di Somma at The Olfactory – you’ll get your very own chemical free perfume.

The experience is special, relaxing and memorable and I wear my personal perfume everyday! You get to choose the natural essences you prefer and the process is fascinating. 

There is nothing like the scent of tangerine, wild orange, and cardamom to brighten my day - along with a hint of other ingredients such as lavender and vanilla. It’s like meditation in my lunch hour!

Maggie Eyre, Author and Director of Fresh Eyre 




Putting words to an unusual experience is challenging. Inspiring! Sensual! Uplifting! How do you describe something unexpectedly fresh and unique? There’s a new awareness in discovering the extra dimensions of a sensory world that we mostly take for granted. So this is to say I really want to thank you for guiding me through The Olfactory's unique discovery process. I learned how important it is to be aware of what it is to notice what our senses are telling us if we pay more attention. It was stimulating and enjoyable, which is all you can ask, really!

Carin Wilson

I would wholeheartedly recommend The Olfactory journey to anyone.

I found the whole experience to be enthralling educating and exhilarating.

My new fragrance is like nothing else I have ever worn. It is totally unique and conjures up essences of past and future while keeping me grounded in the present. Thank you.

Phil Vine x 

The Olfactory created an environment in which I felt free and safe to express my ambitions, desires and even insecurities. I now have a fragrance that I not only chose the ingredients for but I know the purpose and intention behind. It truly feels like my own special spray. 

Jayden Daniels

I had a lovely experience at The Olfactory.  It was interesting to learn a little about scent and the personal relationship you develop with your fragrance is quite unique.

Ron Redel

My experience with Virginia and Aroha was intriguing, unexpected and insightful. You are enfolded in a sensory experience, where you feel nurtured and celebrated. The perfume is a unique expression of who you are and who you can be. My husband and I were each given a fragrance that the other adores!

Thank you.

Tulia Wilson


When I wear my fragrance, it’s not just a smell for me. It’s a smell that reminds me of the memories I used to base my fragrance on. This wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support that Virginia and Aroha give during the process. It was a truly enjoyable experience that puts a smile on my face every time I wear my fragrance.

Lisa Tangira

The entire experience with The Olfactory is so whimsical and stunning, it makes for the perfect gift or present to yourself. To create something so personal and uplifting is a unique experience that I hope everyone can enjoy. Each day my perfume is my own little ritual for myself, to set me up for a great day ahead.

Olivia Bollen

"To wear a fragrance that I took part in creating is powerful. Every time I apply it I am reminded of what I wanted it to represent, how I wanted it to make me feel. It is my mantra, my reminder."

Katheren Leitner - Business Mentor

The experience of creating a bespoke perfume was an enlightening one. The Olfactory creation space is warm and relaxing which helped balance the personal insight and small uneasiness I had occurring through the questions asked by Virginia. However these questions were integral to discovering exactly what I needed from a perfume. The perfume I received is a great combination of the scents I picked and every time I wear it I feel empowered and supported. You can put your trust in The Olfactory and Virginia that they will deliver something beautiful and tailored to what you need, from start to finish. 

Alice Pardoe