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we design exclusive signature scents for individuals & olfactory logos for companies


Composing one-off signature scents for individuals, and olfactory logos for companies, is our passion. It took three years to craft the unique bespoke perfume design process and we are committed to our clients’ full satisfaction with the result every time.

Working closely with an extraordinary group of testers from multiple professions and stages of life, enabled us to compile a Profiling Questionnaire from their data.

This tool helps us gain a deeper understanding of each client and results in a perfume that resonates with their holistic self.

Each client’s sensory code is unique, so we work to tailor the scent to your taste and skint. Each person's olfactory preferences and intuition is different and there are no right or wrong ways to respond to smell. The beauty of working with therapeutic bioactive plant ingredients, is that your body resonates intuitively with the properties it needs. 

Designing fragrances that embody the wearer is an extraordinary priviledge. A scent to stimulate, balance and connect you to yourself and nature is our intention, and we are grateful for your trust.

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