What can I expect from a Bespoke Service Consultation?

We conduct our Bespoke Service Consultations from our studio in Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand.

Each consultation lasts approximately an hour and a half and begins with 10 insightful questions from a Profiling Questionnaire we spent three years developing with our Pilot Trial clients (you can read about their experiences in TESTIMONIALS).

Your answers determine our selection of up to 20 ingredients  for you to smell. Your olfactory bulb (situated at the base of your brain) intuitively recognises the therapeutic properties it appreciates and  knows which ones will offer the support you need.  This part of the process sets each client experience and perfume apart from another. From this unique selection of ingredients, chosen by you, we will design your perfume. No two perfumes are ever the same.

Gifting us with an opportunity to design an exclusive signature scent that embodies your personality and increases your sense of wellbeing, is our priviledge and joy.

This is an ideal gift for a bride, groom or someone celebrating a significant birthday as clients repeatedly tell us it's the ultimate pampering experience.

Can I expect natural perfume to last on skin as long as synthetic perfume?

Everyone’s body chemistry is unique so this will vary from person to person. However, essential oil molecules perform their work of balancing, re-energising and calming once they are absorbed into skin and enter our capillaries and bloodstream. You can expect your natural perfume to last on skin for between 3-6 hours.


Is it necessary to test natural perfume on skin? 

We strongly suggest testing natural perfume on skin. Our Teaser Samples have been specially designed for this purpose. Natural ingredients are capable of causing an allergic reaction on some skin types and it's impossible to predict how your skin type reacts unless you test first.


Will I notice the therapeutic and psychotherapeutic effects of my perfume?

Neuro-science teaches that new neural pathways are created through mindfulness and intention. Being mindful of your perfume’s therapeutic properties as you apply it will bring increased awareness of the subtle shifts as they occur. Much like taking vitamins, implementing an exercise ritual, making healthy eating choices, the benefits occur subtly in body, mind and soul. Paying more attention develops greater awareness.


How does pure, natural perfume differ from other perfumes?

Essential oils are directly distilled from flowers, seeds, resins, roots and leaves. The ingredients are real and ‘alive’. They can have beneficial effects on every part of our bodies. All other perfumes contain synthetic derivatives that work against our endocrine (hormonal) system, disrupting hormonal balance, leading to infertility, moodiness and general ill health.

Have you ever wondered how synthetic perfume aroma chemicals are able to project up to 5metres from the wearer's body? Natural perfumes tend to stay within a 1metre radius of the wearer working to balance, elevate and subtly shift perceptions … and smell divine. Natural perfumes are worn for your pleasure and those invited into your personal space … not for everyone else. 


Can I spray The Olfactory perfumes on my clothes?

Pure natural perfume is designed to be sprayed on skin so it can be readily absorbed and work on balancing the body. It is not until the molecules are absorbed into the blood stream that the therapeutic properties can begin their work.

Some natural extracts will stain fabric so best avoid spraying on clothing.


What is used to dilute the perfume?

We use undenatured 96% food grade alcohol crafted by a master distiller here in New Zealand. Fractionated coconut oil options are available if desired.


What is the shelf life of a natural perfume?

The Olfactory sustainable bamboo case was designed to protect our perfumes from direct sunlight, which reduces the lifespan of any perfume. When stored below 25C your perfume will only improve with age, much like wine ... if you can keep it that long! 


Do you offer refunds if I get an allergic reaction to the perfume?

It is impossible for us to predict who will have an allergic reaction to the natural ingredients in our perfumes. As a safety precaution we strongly suggest everyone skin test by either visiting our major stockist, WORLD Beauty Store, or by purchasing Teaser samples online before investing in a Luxe or Deluxe giftbox. 


What happens if a refill doesn't fit my original bamboo case?

Because of the natural fibres used to compose our customised bamboo cases, each is bespoke in nature and may vary in size. This means, that on the rare occasion, some refills may not fit an original bamboo case. If this is the case, please  contact us and we will arrange a replacement.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally upon request.

International shipping rates will be advised upon enquiry via email.