To create an intimate collection of pure, unisex perfumes designed to nurture, support and embody the wearer.

To source, from a global community of artisan producers, the best essential oils, absolutes and tinctures, distilled directly from flowers, leaves, peels, resins, roots and seeds.

To say no to conventional perfume ingredients, including aroma chemicals and synthetic imitations of plant materials. That means no petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens, acetone, synthetic aldehydes and other potentially harmful elements.

To have a transparent ingredient policy so our customers can have confidence about the ingredients used in our perfumes.

To never test on animals. All our fragrances are plant-based and our marine fixative is rare, precious New Zealand sourced Ambergris, naturally excreted by sperm whales.

To encourage you to be part of the change and grow the tribe of conscious humans choosing to wear evocative, pure and natural perfume on their skin.  

To plant 10 trees for every 100 Luxe Giftboxes sold.