Every time our nose engages in the act of smelling something, odour molecules race up our nostrils & trigger electrical impulses in the olfactory bulb situated at the base of our brain.

The olfactory bulb transmits that information to the amygdala, thalamus &  hippocampus ... areas of the brain where memories & emotional trauma is stored & released.  

This incredibly complex & intricate limbic system remembers these odours we may have first experienced as children & stores them in our brain until adulthood. Maybe you remember the smell of your grandmother or a place you visited when very young, or the first time you smelled lavender or something herbal growing in the garden?

because our child mind links emotion to smell, those same feelings will be triggered when we smell the same smell again years later.

Ancient civilisations have long recognised the power odours have to elevate mood, calm anxiety, improve mental function & stimulate sexual arousal.

Euphoric odours like Jasmine & Grapefruit, stimulate the thalamus to release neuro-chemicals called enkephalins, which induce feelings of well-being & euphoria.

Aphrodisiacs such as Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Clary Sage & Ambergris stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins responsible for sexual arousal, dulling pain, relieving emotional coldness, shyness, impotence & frigidity.

Rosewood & Frankincense help regulate & balance body functions and have a  stabilising effect on the psyche ... and so on.

For more in depth information check out our INGREDIENTS page to give greater insight into the therapeutic properties of the ingredients we've used to compose our perfumes.


Sophie Chan Andreassend